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Get to know your guide

Hello, my name is Henry, but a lot of my friends call me Hank. I was born in the beautiful city of Cape Town and raised in Durban, “South Africa’s Play Ground”. Growing up I have always yearned for adventure but my parents were the stay at home types. We never once went away for the holidays or even a weekend away for that matter. It’s little wonder that as an adult I have dedicated my life to adventure. As soon as I was old enough to go out by myself I was off exploring the world. I started off locally of course dragging whatever friends I could off for road trips to the Wild Coast or the Drakensburg Mountains. After a few trips abroad my eyes were opened to the possibility of a career in adventure tourism a huge industry in some oversees countries but at that stage South Africa had a lot of untapped potential. It wasn’t long before I was working as a generic adventure guide at a lodge in the central Drakensburg. Life was great I was doing what I love and getting paid for it taking people on hikes, abseils, ziplines, and various other activities mostly on teambuilding and leadership camps. Then one day I discovered white water rafting for the first time and I quite simply fell in love with it. The next thing I knew I was off to Clarens to specialise as a River Guide. Going from strength to strength I had opportunities to work on a number of rivers through-out Africa. After six years into my adventure guiding career, I decided to study Tourism Management in Cape Town while waitering to make ends meet. After my studies I did some free-lance guiding in the Western Cape and then got sucked into the hospitality industry for a while. Honestly, the only thing that kept me sane was the regular forays into the mountains around Cape Town. Five years in the city was enough for me though and at the first opportunity I came back to Clarens where I have been fortunate enough to get back to my roots as an adventure guide.
Why do I do what I do?...
I often get asked, when guiding on the same trips multiple times does the experience ever get old? Well actually the opposite is true. The more I get to know a particular mountain or river, the more I fall in love with her. What’s more, being able to show you these incredible places and experiences through my eyes is important to me but it’s even more special if I get to see it through your eyes for the first time. I might have a lot to show you from my world but every day I learn something new from my clients too. Most of all though I love that I get to be a part of some truly memorable moments for many people.
So why should you book a trip with me as your guide?...
Being on a river or on a mountain is not just a way to get away from the maddening crowd or about taking some great pictures. You are taking on a force of nature! It takes courage and fortitude and in the process you discover parts of yourself that are usually left dormant during the day to day toils and lost under an ever growing pile of comforts. From years of experience I know that everyone has different limits. By limits I mean the fine line between having a great time or a terrible experience. There is no greater reward than looking back at the vast beautiful view afforded you at the end of a hard climb to the top but some people will push themselves too hard, others not hard enough. In those moments you will need a coach to help you get the most out of your trip. But if anything should ever go wrong that’s where I got your back. You can rest assured that my number one priority is to get you back in one piece.

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© Copyright 2018 Drakensberg Ventures - All Rights Reserved - Designed by: CAFCO