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Tour Package

Visit the kingdom in the sky with our 5 day tour along the roof of Southern Africa and Lesotho highlands

The Sani pass is a spectacular mountain road that is the gateway to the "roof of Africa" scenic route, which links the breathtaking scenery of the southern Drakensberg with the mountains of the Lesotho highlands, and is the only border post between Kwazulu-Natal and Lesotho. A common truth of this area is that you can have four seasons in one day.

Sani top chalet is located on the border between South Africa and Lesotho at a height of 2874 m and has been described as one of the best-situated hotels on earth with unparalleled views of the pass and surrounding mountain peaks. The only access to the chalet is via the Sani pass and adventure travellers regard the venue as one of the best kept secrets in Africa. Join other explorers at the "Highest Pub in Africa" for their famous gluhwein and a wholesome dinner.

Our journey continues along the black mountain pass at an altitude of 3240m to view the highest mountain peak in southern Africa, that of Thabana-Ntlenyana, which reaches 3482m into the sky. A short climb will take you to the top. This remote part is also a world heritage site, the majestic and stark beauty of the mountains being testament to all that has passed before them over the ages. The pass and surrounds is popular for pony trekking, trout fishing and bird watching while the variety of fauna and flora in the area will keep enthusiasts spellbound. Skiing and snowboarding are popular during the winter months (providing it snows).

Visit Katse dam, on the Malibamat'so River, which is part of the highlands water project and which supplies hydroelectric power to Lesotho and is Africa's largest double curvature dam.

Enjoy a trip to the past by visiting the age old trading post, where in the past tough old drivers brought wool and mohair down the pass on donkeys and mules to be exchanged for blankets, clothing, maize meal and other essentials for life in this remote unforgiving country. Experience a unique African cultural interaction while you visit the mohair tapestry and traditional dancing in the local village.

En route we stop off at Maletsunyane falls which plummets 192m off a spectacular v shaped rock face. The location is stunning and peaceful and is ideal for a hike up the gorge to the base of the falls or you can abseil from the top. The less intrepid can enjoy the scenic hikes and pony trails for unlimited photographic opportunities in this piece of paradise.



Your accommodation will vary from sheer luxury to the more rustic.
Your Guide has decades of experience in this area, and will point you to the most amazing, off the beaten track places and even to dinosaur footprints and Bushman paintings. You will rediscover the tracks of the original inhabitants of Lesotho - the San as they left us a rich heritage of their rock art.


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